Mission Statement

Rogers Printing and Promotional is a community-based company that strives to help small to medium sized businesses compete in the marketplace. We accomplish this by being a complete and reliable source of quality marketing materials while providing customer-defined customer service. Rogers Printing and Promotional is the partner that will treat your business like our own.

Core Values

Community Based

We're here to serve the community that has been so vital to our success.

Passionate Puzzle Solvers

We see things from different angles to come up with unique solutions.

Proud Contributors

We take pride in making you look your best.

Seriously Silly

We work hard but have fun doing it. Seriously.

Meet The Team

AJ Visionary

AJ comes from a strong background in sales and marketing. His skills will garner you real results and leave you wondering,…

Jane Sales

sales@rogersprintingmn.com With almost 42 years’ experience in the sourcing/purchasing side, Jane is excited for her new adventure into the sales side…

Kevin Sales

sales@rogersprintingmn.com He who is valiant and pure of spirit may find the Holy Grail in the Castle of Aaauuuggghhh…

lady in castle

Heidi Inside Sales & Customer Service

info@rogersprintingmn.com The answer to life, the universe, and just about everything? Heidi!   Oh, come on you pansy. It’s just a…

Jesse Production Manager

Highly creative with an ever-expanding portfolio of work, Jesse will find the unique solution to your artistic needs. First shalt thou…

Naomi Art Director

Naomi is pretty much the best travel buddy ever. Oh, she’s an excellent designer too I suppose. Listen, strange women lyin’…

Patrick Finisher

Blinger of all delightfully blingable things, Patrick is a master of precise angles, perfect folds, and prudent placement of Comic Sans….

Roger The Boss Man

The man in charge, the big guy, the boss man… We’re not really sure what it is Roger does, but we…

Duke Head of Security

Strange little monkey. Will work for bananas. He’s got huge, sharp… er… He can leap about. Look at the bones!

Note: All characters and events on this page...especially those based on real people...are entirely nonfictional. Any resemblence to a certain British film is so uncoincidental you ought to feel silly for ever questioning it. Who's that, then? I don't know. Must be a king.

Our Skills

  • Print Production 100%

  • Graphic Design 100%

  • Marketing 99%

  • Coffee Consumption 82%

  • Doing the Dishes 1%

Why Choose Us?

Rogers Printing has been your trusted source for print materials since 1980. Our dedicated team of designers and press operators will take each job under our wing, examining the most minor of details – color consistency, grammar, pixillation – to ensure a smooth, beautiful process.

We would love to help you find the right product at the right price for the right occasion; one that resonates with your brand identity. We’ll look at your brand in a comprehensive way, ensuring consistency across all channels of your marketing and promotional needs. Stand out from the crowd with a multi-platform universal message.

Not particularly artistic? Starting a business and don’t quite know where to begin? Don’t have the time or software to create your current project?

Rest easy, our design team thrives in a creative environment. We use cutting-edge technology, combining the latest Adobe Creative Cloud has to offer with powerful 27" Mac monitors. Contact us today to bring your ideas to life!

Contact Us

21310 John Milless Drive • Rogers, MN 55374 • 763.428.2345