Your business is unique. It’s a moving, breathing thing that has a personality. It is important to let your clients know who you are visually. This is often your first impression. Once you have established who you are consider the following when creating a visual presence. 

Evaluate Your Competition:

It is important to consider your competition and how they have presented themselves. Because you are often marketing to the same audience you need to find a way to ‘catch their eye’ so to speak. There may be things your competition is doing right that you do not want to stray too far from but it is important to highlight what makes your business stand out.

Think About Your Position:

Once you have discovered your competition’s position you need to look internally to determine the culture you want to operate within. What kind of experience will your customers receive when they choose you and how does it differ from your competition?


Typography is one of the most influential tools in creating the visual feel for your company. For example, Times New Roman or Baskerville may be seen as traditional and reliable while a script or hand drawn font represents something entirely different.


Have you ever noticed that most fast food restaurants use some version of red and yellow? This is not by accident. These colors evoke hunger. The psychology of color is such a powerful tool and needs to be considered when fashioning your identity. Each color has a different message which can be used to let your customers know who you are and what you stand for. Read more about color here.


Every piece of marketing should reflect your identity. Consistency tells your customer that you are reliable. It also helps them recognize you from your competition. It’s okay for you to feel that everything looks the same! There is power in consistency and helps solidify the culture you have created.

Whether you have these items in place or are feeling a little overwhelmed with establishing your identity, let us help you define your identity and create a visual system that effectively and consistently communicates who you are.