Business Cards
The importance of a well-designed, high quality business card can’t be denied! Your business card plays an important role in the first impression you make on potential clients. If you distribute poor quality business cards, your client will see that as a reflection of your work. Rogers Printing and Promotional can help you create a card the reflects the style and quality of your business.

Ask yourself about your business card:
Is you card an accurate representation of the quality of your work?
If your business cards are worn or have torn edges, it’s time to order some new ones.

Does it catch the eye?
Is your logo featured prominently? Do the graphics clearly indicate what you do? Is the style clean and easy to read? If you answered no to any of these questions, it’s time to update your design – speak with our graphic designers about a redesign today.

Is all your relevant information included – and is it only relevant info?
Your business name or logo, your name, title, contact phone, fax, email, website and maybe a few social networking profiles. Be careful not to “over-do” it though. Don’t feel like you have to fill up every last millimeter of space – the more text you have, the smaller the font will be. You don’t want your customers hunting for a magnifying glass or worse, throwing your card away in frustration!

Have you used the space of the card wisely?
Don’t forget your cards have a back side too – this is a great place to add a catch-phrase or unique feature, like a coupon or useful chart. Making your card unique from front to back encourages customers to hang on to your card, or better yet: pass it on!

Our professionally trained designers are ready to help you create business cards that will impress you and your customers. We have several unique options like gloss coating, spot metallic colors, textured cards, rounded corners and many more!