Let’s eat, Grandma!


Let’s eat Grandma!

Face it, punctuation is pretty important. The way you break up your sentences determines how your content is absorbed by your readers. Grandma illustrates that point perfectly. But what about spelling?

When you read a phrase like “Your welcome,” does your eye start to twitch uncontrollably?

Does a small part of your soul shrivel into dust for every meme that can’t grasp the difference between “to” and “too”?

Do you cringe when you hear lyrics such as, “Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone”?

We are rather judgmental creatures by habit, and those of us cursed with an eye for detail can’t help but sweat the small stuff. Grammar matters, but it matters more in a business setting. I don’t correct my friends on Facebook. I do correct my clients.

In any marketing piece, you target a specific audience. You use a certain voice to appeal to these folks and influence them a certain way. If a poster is riddled with common grammar mistakes, it reflects ignorance, laziness, or just plain carelessness. If a poster is properly proofed, the final piece demands respect. Well-thought marketing materials will improve credibility, professionalism, clarity, and posterity.

Excellent grammar can’t harm you. Put your best foot forward.