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Stock Images & Resolution

I know, I know, we drive you crazy with this talk of pixellation. What on earth are we talking about? What is image resolution and why does it matter?

Replace “resolution” with “quality” and it starts to make sense. The higher the resolution, the more crisp and detailed an image will appear. Images are made up of little bitty dots called pixels. The more pixels per inch (PPI) the higher the resolution. In other words, the more dots you can fit into that square inch the higher the image quality will be. Great, so you found this image that looks AWESOME on your screen, why can’t we just use that? Well… computers don’t need to use as many dots. Most images you’re looking are displaying at 72 DPI (dots per inch). Any printed image should be at least 300 DPI.

Stay with me.

That image that looks great on screen just printed out like a blur. The details you depend on for your marketing materials need to be crisp and error-free. An image pulled from a website is often very low resolution. For a photo to be the best quality it can be, seek the camera RAW files or the largest possible JPG. RAW will give you the maximum amount of detail, but a high quality JPG file at 300 PPI shouldn’t break a sweat.

Where to get High Resolution Images for your Marketing Materials:

There are a couple of ways to acquire high resolution images. Option one would be to hire a photographer to take photos specific to your business. This is ideal if you have a very specific product or service. Typically you will receive the rights to these photos and can use them throughout your marketing materials as needed.

Another option would be to purchase a photo from one of the many stock photo databases. These websites offer a searchable collection of royalty-free stock images that can be purchased using credits. Many offer credit packages in a variety of sizes. Rogers Printing and Promotional has an account with iStock and Adobe Stock. If you want to save some design time and money, seeking out these images yourself and providing us the item number helps immensely. We prefer to order the images for you for a few reasons, but mostly because we’ll use those watermarked images as placeholders until the final design is approved. This helps us avoid purchasing images that will not be used in the project. Once we have approval on the design, we will purchase and place the properly size image.

If you are not finding images that fit your project on iStock, we can order images from other sources.

Please let us know if you have any questions regarding image quality. Below are a few options to assist you in finding the perfect stock image for your future marketing materials.

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