What do custom wedding invites cost? (Updated 2018)

January 28, 2018 Printing 0 Comments

This is almost always the first question brides have for us. But guess what? It depends entirely on you! Before we even start the process, we’ll sit down and have a conversation about your big day. We’ll choose paper together and figure out all the pieces we will be creating, how they’ll be printed and finished, and what envelopes will work best. To better inform your choices, here’s a breakdown of the most significant impacts on the cost of custom wedding invitations:

The cheapest solution is to print single-sided traditional sizes in black/gray on a white or ivory cover stock paper. We offer 80#, 100#, and 120# cover weights.
• 100 5″x7″ print-ready invitations $22
• 250 only $5.50 more!

Include a stacking RSVP (3.5″ x 5″), Accommodations (4″ x 5″), and Reception card (4.5″ x 5″) for only around $70 more. If you’d rather not choose a template, or provide a predesigned card ready for print, we would love to work one on one to bring your dream wedding pieces to life. We charge $75/hour design time, and most custom requests can be created in under two hours. Custom pieces printed black and white start at around $150, but varies depending on design time.

Digital prints on our color copier are the most common type of invitations we create. Using the same sizes mentioned above, printing 100 invitations from a template would be around $36, or $125 for all stationery. If you choose not to use a template, custom pieces in color with standard cover stock paper start around $225.

Paper is the least impactful cost here, so choose something that you absolutely love. Our first choice would be an uncoated white cover. Changing to a linen or laid stock would increase the cost by $15ish (we’re talking all 4 pieces). Specialty paper such as Stardreams or Curious Metallic would increase the cost by $40ish. If you’d like specialty paper outside of our offerings, we can refer you to partners that offer small quantities of gorgeous stocks. Bring the parent sheets to us – the largest possible sheet size. There is no charge for using customer-provided stock. We’ll even tell you exactly how many sheets you’ll need.

While rare, once in a while we print weddings on our ink press. The only time we’d consider this method is when we’re printing a very light color ink onto a very dark paper. Offset printing an Invitation, RSVP, Accommodations, and Reception card starts at around $125 for black ink, or $200 for two colors of your choice. Typically, a more cost-effective alternative would be to digitally print a large area, leaving the white of the paper where your design and copy would be (see above: COLOR). Note that offset printing on the press is not the same as letterpress.

Through our partners at Carlson Craft, we are now able to offer letterpress prints. View the sorted options here. Pricing starts around $400 for 100.

Want to absolutely WOW your guests? These have a minimum order quantity of 500, because of the insane setup time to foil. A 5″x7″ invitation with two cards, 4.25″x5.5″ and 4.25″x6″ double sided with foil on all sides of all pieces would start at around $1275. These take an additional 5-7 business days over standard production time. Cheaper, non-custom options are available through templates here. Template foiled cards take 3-5 business days and may be purchased in multiples of 25.

You’ll want to choose envelopes that compliment your pieces. We have affordable options for A2, A7, and pocket envelopes. Because there are so many options and the cost is really dependent on the paper type, we’ll provide just a few examples so you can get an idea of what to expect.

  • White 60# Envelopes – A7- 100/$6.50 – printing one color 100/$65
  • CURIOUS Metallic Envelopes – A7 – 100/$34 – printing one color 100/$94
  • POCKET Envelopes – If you choose these, you’ll also need an A7 envelope to contain them. Pocket envelopes start at around 75¢ per piece but vary depending on size and paper stock. We are happy to provide a quote once we know exactly what you’re looking for.

We can also data merge your guest list to print addresses directly on envelopes. If the list is 200 or more, consider letting us mail it using an indicia instead of a stamp! You’ll save on postage.

• Consider using a stamp or embosser for your return address to save time and money. It’s still perfectly acceptable to hand-write addresses, but brides in a hurry might opt in for our printer.
• Your RSVP can double as a postcard, so no need for an A2 envelope unless you’re feeling fancy. 5″x7″ fits perfectly inside an A7 envelope, but anything oversized or too heavy could end up with shocking postage rates.

You see you have a LOT of options here. I hope we haven’t overwhelmed you. Basically, cost will vary greatly depending on paper choice, design time, the number of pieces, and the printing method. What’s your budget?

Keep us in mind for save the date cards (or magnets!), rehearsal dinner, place cards, table numbers, programs, thank you cards, and so much more! We’ve imprinted initials on drink glasses, sweatshirts, napkins, dinner mints, and coasters, just to name a few. Your imagination is the only limit.