Say Hello to Our New Digital Press

December 28, 2017 Printing 0 Comments

We’ve got some HUGE changes coming for 2018. With the rise in digital print production, it’s about time to say goodbye to our old four color press and HELLO to a new digital press. What does this mean for our customers?


Our new digital press will include an intelligent quality optimizer which constantly monitors and adjusts color and registration. In other words, colors will be truer and front-to-back printing will be more precise. Materials will be produced with less manual adjustment, and more consistent high quality. This cloud feature improves image quality by minimizing color fluctuations, registration misalignment, and other errors during printing. It also lowers costs by reducing paper waste.


The digital press is equipped with cutting-edge image processing technology, called S.E.A.D.V. The Screen-Enhancing Active Digital system combines highly accurate exposure controls, precision pixel placement and advanced screening to achieve high quality and resolution.

New next-generation toner with a 3-dimensional polymer structure is highly compatible with all types of media, expands the colour gamut for superior image accuracy, and produces more natural skin tones.

Character quality and legibility are now top class. A line-thinning function helps prevent thickening of characters and blurring of white characters. A contour enhancement function reduces roughness on dot-background character edges and characters of intermediate colors.

An advanced calibration sensor allows for highly stable, high-precision automatic color. Printed materials of unerringly consistent high quality can be produced with no loss of productivity during high-volume printing. There’s even a built-in cooling fan that circulates air in the main unit to maintain a fixed temperature and help provide more consistent color.

High Productivity

This means faster turnarounds, reliably. We’ll be able to handle high-volume jobs at high speed because of precise registration, lightning fast output, large-volume paper feeds, and a built-in decurler.


Diverse output expands our printing service possibilities like never before. Fast, full color envelopes at the click of a button. Wide format prints. Paper stock up to 400 GSM! The possibilities are… well, almost endless.

Inline Finishing

We’ll be providing more options than ever before for booklet and manual printing. The digital press trims, folds, and finishes without any human intervention! This means whether saddle stapling or perfect binding, we can simply tell the machine to print and output a finished product. Complicated folds? No problem. Thick book? Let’s try a perfect binding. Full bleed pages? Perfect. With a creaser, trimmer, stapler, and spine former built-in, books are easier than ever to print.

Stay Tuned!

More details to come. We’re working on new pricing structures and staff training officially begins January 5th.


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