How to Maximize Use of Your Vinyl Banner

May 19, 2018 Printing 3 Comments

No matter what business you’re in, vinyl banners are a staple of the advertising world. We’ve gathered a few tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your new banner.

    Get the exact specs for the space you intend to hang or show the sign the most. Measure the area carefully, and allow some extra room depending on how the piece will be displayed. Keep in mind that banners are mobile, and some are more easily portable than others. Would you be better suited with a banner stand and portable carrying case? Or would those old-fashioned grommets in the corner with rope ties or bungee cords work best for you?
  2. IN or OUT?
    A banner kept indoors doesn’t need to be as durable as its outdoor counterpart. Outdoor banners will be subjected to the elements, so any additional protections we can provide will serve well. Reinforced edges resist wear and tear, while extra grommets with secure ties fend off sharp flaps from the wind. UV coating helps defend against sun damage and fading. We recommend matte coating outdoors, glossy coating indoors. Note: Glossy adds quite a shine, so if that indoor banner will be in a bright, well-lit area matte coating may be a better choice.
  3. Reduce, REUSE
    This is a hearty investment. Are you sure you want to use it for just one event? If at all possible, be vague with wording and specific dates. Instead of announcing Henrietta’s pork & chicken meat raffle on Saturday the 13th, how about just… MEAT RAFFLE | THIS SATURDAY. Nix the information that can easily change. Think ahead to other places you can make use of the banner, like trade shows, sponsorships, or interactions with the community.
    So, here comes the fun part. DESIGN! Feel free to get in touch with our art team, we’d love to help come up with something great. If you’re a do-it-yourself-er, take notes here. Set up a document to size of your banner. If any color goes all the way to the edge, you’ll actually want to make your document 1″ bigger on each side to account for bleed AND MAKE SURE THAT COLOR EXTENDS ALL THE WAY TO THAT EDGE. 1″ is a good rule for your margin, as well. For example, if I’m working on a 48″x24″ banner, I’ll create my file as 50″x26″ and know that my workable area centered within the document is 46″x22″. That means that my text and images do not creep past that margin.Ideally, we’d create a vector design (infinitely scalable to any size) but if images are included they must be 300 dpi. Outline fonts if your software allows and save the work in CMYK color mode. A high quality PDF is the best way to send your file to us. Use our super user-friendly FTP upload if it’s too big to email.

Once you display your new banner, it’s perfectly normal to stare blankly in admiration for unknown intervals. Do not be alarmed at the sudden flood of customers pouring through the doors. They are wonderful people who believe your banner is delightful, and that what it offers is delightful. In fact they’ve been looking for the exact product you’re advertising and that banner just JUMPED OUT AND POW’d ’em.

Kiddiiiiing. That only happens when we design for you 😉