A Postcard to Boost Your Bottom Line

December 19, 2017 Printing 0 Comments

The most common problem for a lot of small businesses when creating a marketing program is BUDGET. Because they do not have a lot of marketing dollars, they tend to settle on just about any marketing material they come in contact with. A growing business needs something cost effective that will provide much needed revenue in order to expand. That tool is the postcard.

Postcard printing is a tried and true method of marketing that is still effective (and often more-so) in today’s digital marketplace. While mass emails are often deleted without even being opened, the potential consumer must make a decision to keep your postcard or file it along with the used banana peels. It’s crucial that you make your card better and more attractive than others, to avoid the trash and ensure people notice it!

Follow these simple steps when creating a winning postcard:

Use high quality materials. A flimsy looking card would not get people’s attention. You need to make use of high quality materials to ensure your card will look as impressive as possible. Use thick and sturdy paper, at least a 100# cover stock, to ensure your card will look pristine when it reaches your target customers. You can also make use of recycled paper if you are an advocate of the eco-friendly printing. Ask us about UV coating for a super high-gloss finish.

Make your design unique. Creativity is the key to making your cards look captivating. Your imagination is the limit in creating the perfect design that will make your card look unique. The more creative your design is the more people will be drawn to it. Our design team can help you come up with the perfect design appropriate for your cards.

Create an offer or a call to action. Now that you have gotten your prospective customer interested in your product or service, get them to act upon it! Give them a discount to try you out. Tell them there’s a no-risk, money-back guarantee if you offer one. Making an attractive postcard that doesn’t make the phone ring, defeats the purpose of sending it out in the first place. Think about your offer from the customer’s prospective; is what you are offering to them really going to motivate them to contact you?

It doesn’t take a lot to create an effective postcard. Even better, is that it doesn’t take a massive response to create a profitable postcard campaign! When you know the elements to incorporate on your cards, everything else will follow. Follow the tips above and your postcard will boost your bottom line!